There are more than 1,000 General Practices and Urgent Care providers across the country providing first-contact healthcare for the population of New Zealand. Virtually all of those organisations are private businesses owned, in whole or part, by partnerships of GPs, nurses, other health practitioners, private individuals or one of a number of larger corporate entities directly investing for the better health and wellbeing of the nation.

Successive years of increased demand, expectations, regulation and compliance have significantly increased the running costs of General Practice without a commensurate increase in funding. General Practice owners, who are currently ‘footing the bill’ for those increased costs need a specifically focussed and national level representative body to act on their behalf and ensure the future sustainability of their services for the population of New Zealand.

As individual private businesses, General Practice owners invariably do not have the time, expertise, resources or even the opportunity to negotiate with the Government, Ministry of Health, ACC or District Health Boards to ensure they are appropriately acknowledged, supported, respected and funded to fulfil their essential role within the New Zealand health and disability system.

We invite you to join the General Practice Owners Association now to ensure your voice is heard and to secure a much needed and credible national representative organisation acting solely for General Practice and Urgent Care owners.

Our Vision

Sustainable, viable and high quality General Practice for all New Zealanders
To promote and advocate for sustainable, responsive and high quality general practice services for the population of New Zealand.
  1. To promote, protect and improve the collective interests of Members.
  2. To advocate for and support the sustainability and viability of Members businesses and the services they provide in order to ultimately ensure the continuity of locally accessible and high-quality, patient-centric care.
  3. To provide strong, credible and effective national representation for New Zealand’s network of General Practice and Urgent Care business owners, including, but not limited to, the country’s network of smaller, owner-operated providers.
  4. To improve the health of the population of New Zealand and advocate for high-quality, accessible and equitable patient care.
  5. To support the productivity and efficiency of the New Zealand Health and Disability System.
  6. To promote, protect and support the innovation capability of Members.
  7. To help Members promote and improve the efficiency of their businesses.
  8. To uphold the professional reputation of Members collectively, and the value of the quality branding conferred by membership of the Association.
  9. To provide sector leadership on issues affecting Members by:
    1. Providing effective representation of Association members on and to bodies with influence on General Practice and Urgent Care services or associated professions.
    2. Influencing and promoting legislation, regulations and policy for the betterment of the interests of the Members or for the accomplishment of any of the Association’s objectives.
    3. Liaising and co-operating with Government and other bodies and agencies for the accomplishment of any of the Association’s objects
    4. To act as agent for the Members (either individually or collectively) in negotiation or consultation with Crown Agents or other funding bodies regarding contractual service arrangements and associated funding.
    5. To do anything necessary or desirable in pursuit of the above objects.